Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I begin this dreary, cloudy day with my hip ornament (aka my baby) firmly attached. She has hit the lovely clingy stage with much gusto! Sigh!! I try not to get irritated and just snuggle her and kiss her sweet little cheeks because I know that pretty soon she'll want nothing to do with me! It just takes much longer to type one-handed. Thank goodness for naptime!!

Peas have got to be the most over-rated veggie out there! Not only do they taste bad, they're horrible to clean up. My kids like to eat them frozen, straight from the bag. No problem there, it's actually nice not to have to cook them. When my two year old son doesn't like something, he'll put it on the table (better than what he used to do, launch it as far as his chubby little arm could throw). Well, peas have a way of finding their way to the floor!

Have you ever tried to sweep or vacuum wet peas? If you can manage to get them all in a pile without squishing them, they leave a streak across the floor. Just when you think you have them in a pile, they decide to act out the song "On Top of Spaghetti" and as if on the count of three, they all take off in various directions. So I decided to let the peas dry out before I make any attempt to clean them up. This can be almost as frustrating with a two year old in the house, because there are so many peas on the floor. When you enter the dining room it goes like this...step, squish, squirt, step, squish, squirt. Not fun!! You know peas are bad when the baby, who will put everything that she finds on the floor in her mouth, wouldn't touch them.

The only good thing about them is that if you drop one you can say "Oops, I pea-ed on the floor!" (Sorry, that's my father's humor)

Moral of the story: Peas are going to be banned from this house until my two year old is old enough to leave what he doesn't like on his plate.

Today it's back at it for the Church sale. JB and her husband got a bunch of boards cut last night for hooks. We've wanted to make some boards with hooks on them but hooks can be so expensive, it's not always worth it. We both found some neat looking hooks on clearance at Target. Some were under $2! I think JB said we have about 13 boards to paint and dec out. We'll try to get those done this morning.

This afternoon, we'll switch gears and try get the rest of the hair accessories done. Tonight is project night and we'll try to get everything packaged up, if possible.

We/I just have a few memo boards to finish up and we'll be ready for the sale. In order to finish the memo boards I need to run to Walmart and hope they sell cork. If not, I'll have to hit Joann's, which is about 30 minutes away. Let's just hope Walmart carries it. It doesn't matter how the cork looks since it will be covered.

My baby decided to go play upstairs with the other kids. I better hurry and clean up before she (just as I type this, in she comes) needs me again! Oh well, the thought was nice anyway!

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Distressing Delilah said...

You're right to enjoy her like this! It goes by sooo fast!