Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting this all figured out!

or at least I think I am. I basically have two shops to juggle. Ours and our mothers. This includes all the photography, listing, selling, mailing, etc. The whole key is when to do it, how to juggle it and still keep my family happy.

I've started coming in the office as soon as I get my older girls off to school. If I have good pictures to use, I'll start listing in at least one of the shops. Today I was listing in both shops at once. It's easier that way since Etsy takes so long to upload the pictures. As I'm waiting for the pictures to upload, I'll edit the rest of the pictures or update my blog.

According to some tips I've read on Etsy, you're suppose to list at various times of the day. That way a wider variety of people will see your shop. While that all sounds great and all but in reality, it doesn't always work for me. I do try to list in the late afternoon somedays and a very ocassional evening but for the most part, it works best for my schedule to get it all done in the morning.

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