Monday, April 21, 2008


We hit the big 5-0 this weekend! That would be 50 sales in our Etsy store! This sign was sale number 50. Hoping for many more!!

We've also hit our 4 month Etsy-anniversary, which means some of our listing are starting to expire. JB and I decided that we'll just let them expire since we have so much still to list.

We can just run the signs thru the planer and start over. We have so many quotes we'd still like to do... There is only one blanket so far that has expired. I think I'll just re-take the pictures and list it again.

We are part of this group on Etsy called the Fam Team. Stands for Fabulous Artistic Moms. A few of us pooled our money and started a website with the hopes of driving more traffic to our stores. We're also going to start placing ads on some popular blogs. The first ad will be placed shortly. I'm so curious if there will be a difference in our sales. It was so cheap, and requires little effort on able mabel's part. The more exposure the better!

Man, something must be in the air today. My kids, specifically my two year old, are so cranky! I've tried everything, except for dumping them back in bed, to make them happy. Reading books, playing with them, going outside...nothing is working! Finally tired of their crabbing, I locked myself in my laundry room and started in on the mountain of laundry that needs to be folded. (makes me sound like a horrible mother, but geesh, enough is enough, and they'd cry regardless...) I was talking to sister JH on the phone, apologizing for all the screeching going on. She asked if we were suppose to get a storm today. (Later this afternoon, one is suppose to roll thru) She thought that might have something to do with their moods. She's so smart!

Now they're all distracted (the two year old is polishing off a bowl of dry Oatmeal Squares, the baby is back in bed, the three year old is playing house and the five year old is at JB's "helping" her rake her yard), so I better fold that laundry like a madman before they all come howling back to me!

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Congrats on your milestones!