Monday, March 31, 2008

Upside Down File Cabinet

(You can't laugh when you read this...Promise?)

I have been in desperate need of a file cabinet. I keep checking craigslist for freebies. Can't help it, it's the Tight Finn coming out in me. I finally found one on clearance at Target for a whopping $7.46! It's two drawers and "wood". Of couse, I scooped it up and raced home. It sat in my office for a few days as I was too busy to get to it. I was secretly hoping it would "put itself together". But alas, it didn't so, on Saturday afternoon I decided to put it together. The directions were "dummy proof" and since I had to together much of my dad's office furniture, I figured I could do this one.

As I was attaching the bottom to the sides, one of the screw caps busted. Guess you get what you pay for. Never fear!! Husband to the rescue!! He took his handy dandy wood glue and glued the top and the bottom to the sides. We ended up going somewhere right after that so the cabinet sat until this morning.

With my children gathered at my feet this morning, I finished it up. I went to put the drawers in and they didn't fit! I realized I had put one of the drawer runners on upside down. I fixed it and the drawers still didn't fit! I looked back at the directions and saw that the runners in the cabinet were upside down. I was slighly puzzled at myself for that one because I thought I had been careful to get them on "just so". So, out came the screw driver again and I put them "right side up". The drawers still didn't fit right. At this point, I was more than slightly frustrated and tempted to put it aside and have husband rescue me again when he got home from work. I took some deep breaths and went back to the diagram.

It took me less than two minutes to realize that when my husband had glued it all together, I had forgotten to make sure the top was truly the top and the bottom was truly the bottom! I turned the file cabinet on it's head, re-fixed the drawer runners and.... Viola!!! They fit perfectly!

Okay, so I'm not always the brightest bulb on the tree.

(How come your computer screen is covered with coffee?)


espionage said...

Yay! You prevailed!

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOL, sorry, I had to laugh! This is exactly how my husband builds everything... upside-down.