Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lessons of the Day

Last Monday I had a bunch of errands to run. I decided to give one of our new totes a "test drive". I've been using it since then because I always forget to switch my stuff back over to my usual purse. Actually this one (it's the one pictured) is much more fun to use, so I think I'll just keep it.

So yesterday I had dentist appointment. The dentist commented on my purse. I, being a good "business-woman" (ha, ha, ha) told him all about able mabel and Etsy. As I left they asked if I had a business card. I did, thankfully! Who knows if they'd actually check out the store or better yet, buy something but one never knows!

Lesson #1: Always "wear" what you make, if possible.

Lesson #2: Always have business cards on hand.

As the dentist and his assistant were working in my mouth, I was thinking that their gloves smelled like Goodwill. I almost said something (me and my smart mouth) but he then pulled out his drill and I wisely kept my thoughts to myself.

Lesson #3: Always be nice to your dentist especially when a drill is involved.

After my dentist appointment I ran to SuperTarget. I always feel a little bit sheepish walking in there with that purse since that is where we bought the "fabric" from (it was actually a tapestry that I found on the clearance rack). I always wonder if someone is going to recgonize it.

Anyway after I had checked out, I turned around and there was this kid/guy I went to high school with. I had to chuckle because his cart was loaded down, he was carrying a bag and his two year old son (I'm guessing on the age of the son) was racing ahead. I could chuckle because I didn't have any of my kids with me and I could totally relate. I don't have a clue if he knew who I was, especially since I went to the community college my last two years of high school. I have a pretty good memory for recgonizing people (that doesn't really make sense but you get the picture), so I knew who he was right away. So, I'm trying to blend into the background (part of it was because my mouth/lip still felt huge and numb), walking a few paces behind him.

We walked out the door and he can't find his car. I was feeling bad at this point because I know the feeling. So I maneuver around him, my cart hits a pot hole, and my shin slams into the cart. Ouch! I was feeling more than slightly flustered and had to make my cart do a "wheelie" to get it out of the hole. (is that why the bright orange cone was there?)

Lesson #4: No matter how hard you try to blend in, you'll do something stupid that will have everyone staring at you.

A side note on the purse....We still have more fabric in that print, so if you'd like us to make you one, let me know. Also the pouch we had made with that fabric is relisted in our store. The person who "bought" it never actually paid for it.


Victoria said...

Very funny, very true! Beautiful bag!

Chocolate and Steel said...

wonderful success story. I will think of it all day long as I run errands:)

MSD Design said...

Hello-This is my first visit to your blog & I really enjoy it! I also visited the AbleMabel Etsy shop-what a great, vibrant mix of products you have.
Best, Michele