Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's up!

A few months back, I asked sister K to design a calender that I could hang on my wall. I wanted each month to be on it's own sheet so I could see all 12 at a glance. I've had it for a while and finally got it hung on my office wall.

It's really pretty against my plain wall. Adding an instant splash of color. When my two year old woke up from his nap, he came into the office and said "Cute" in his little sing-songy voice. As you can see, I haven't really filled it all in yet. That is still on my to-do list.

This week, I have hardly touched able mabel. I've blogged almost everyday (except yesterday), took only a few pictures, listed a couple items and shipped out an order. That's it! I've had so much catch up to do around the house. It feels awesome to get some of that stuff done.

That will all change today. JB is coming over after lunch (fresh off a little getaway with her hubby) and we'll start to tackle another Sing it Loud. This is a custom order, placed by the woman who bought the original "sing it loud". She wants it 2'x3'. "Sing it loud" has been our best selling artwork to date. Between Etsy and Dunn Brothers, we've sold quite a few. This is our second custom order for it. We do have a few smaller ones hanging around. One is currently listed in our shop and the other two are still patiently waiting to be photographed and listed.

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