Friday, April 11, 2008

I've been talking about

doing these for a long time but I'm just now finally getting around to doing them. Memo board!

This is what my dining room table looked like yesterday afternoon.

We found these huge frames at Goodwill for dirt cheap back in September or October. One was enormous and the other two a tad bit smaller. We affectionally called the big one Big Bertha. She's still leaning against the wall in the basement.

The two "smaller" ones have now been turned into memo boards. All three had these hideous brown frames with an equally nasty picture inside. The frames each received a new coat of paint. Pink for one and the blue you see in the picture.

I had never made a memo board before. Silly me, I decided to practice on one of these big frames. (note to self: when trying something new, start small, then go big) It was a total experiment. I didn't have any written instructions to follow. Typical me, I just winged it. I didn't really like how the first one turned out but JB convinced me to put it into Saturday's Spring Festival anyway.

The second one I tried was a much smaller frame. Again, found at Goodwill and painted, this time white. It turned out much better. The first two are bulletin board style (the cork is hidden behind fabric), no ribbon involved.

Yesterday I started on the last two. The other big frame, in blue, and a smaller one. The pink and green combo you see in the picture went into the smaller frame. Ole Blue got blue and orange ribbon.

I have to seal the paint on those two and then put the backing on all four today. I'll try to snap a picture of all four when they're done.

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