Monday, July 26, 2010

You know you're living with a newborn when...

  • Instead of racing the clock, you race to get things done while Baby sleeps.
  • Every meal time Baby wakes up requiring immediate attention just as you dish your plate.
  • Your coffee is cold and your milk is warm.
  • Your shoulder contains a permanent Badge of Motherhood, aka spit up.
  • You turn into a nocturnal critter, complete with dark rings around the eyes.
  • You find yourself resisting the urge to "moo" as you nurse every few hours around the clock.
  • As you attempt to get a stubborned burp out of Baby, you end up belching yourself. Baby still doesn't burp until many minutes later.
  • The hems of all your shirts are stretched out due to lifting it up to your chin as you perform your Milk Maid duties. (Maybe it's just easier to go topless?! Just kidding.)
  • We won't even talk about other areas that are stretched out. Ugh.
  • If you try to run errands during naptime, there will be no naptime. You'll end up attempting to maneuver a full cart one handed while holding Baby. Watch out all store displays!
  • When in places requiring silence, like church, it's guaranteed Baby will load her drawers at full volume and velocity causing all around you to attempt to stifle, unsuccessfully, their giggles.
  • Baby's outfits get changed more often than you change your underwear, due to loading of the drawers every hour, on the hour.
  • Baby has perma smooch marks on her cheeks from all the love she gets.
  • When she sleeps, Baby has an adoring audience watching and reporting her every move.
  • The said audience also watches when she's awake to see what funny face she'll make next.
  • Baby clutches your finger so sweetly as you feed her, instantly melting your heart.
  • Baby snuggles into your chest, with her little butt in the air, causing you to become rooted into the chair as you don't want the moment to pass.
  • She gazes at you so adoringly, although cross eyed, you find it impossible to break the gaze.
  • Your life is so crazy busy and out of control but one peek at your Baby, you realize you'd rather not have it any other way. This stage goes by way too quickly.


Jessica said...


Kara said...

All the things to look forward to!

amylisa said...

It does go by WAY TO FAST!!! Alice is already 6months!!! Can you hardly wait till the kiddos start school and we can resume our sewing parties?! This time with you tending to your newborn, and me to my older baby?! We've got to get on the same schedule with births here, actually, on second thought, not. That way I get Kyra for a few nights out of the year!! Let me know when you need a break from her!