Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Name Game

about drove us insane! Who knew it could be so hard?!

Both of us come from large families. We love it.

Until it came time to find a name for our baby.

We knew we were having a girl. It felt like I spent hours searching the 'Net, looking at names. I wanted something that wasn't so "out there" but not too common. Nothing that hit the top 10. After a while, all the names sounded the same.

Just as I was ready to settle on the name Kate, Hubby's sister had a Kate. She had no way of knowing we liked that name. Snooze, we lose. First come, first serve.

I just about had talking Hubby into Tasha. Then we realized there is already a Sasha in the family. We still could have used it but I didn't like it that much.

He wanted Makayla. I didn't. (My sister has a Kayla)

Mckenzie was a possibility.

I wanted Alayna. He didn't. (Too close to one of our other names)

He wanted Kathryn. I didn't mind it but I'd want to call her Kate. (See above.)

Josie, Casey, Grace, Tessa, Claire, Clara...The reasons for not using them kept piling up.

Ugh. Can't we agree on anything?!? Can't we find a name, any name? :)

We let the subject rest for a few months.

Last week I appealed to my Facebook friends for help. My friends were very helpful; Ruby, Anne, Nora, Cassidy, Penelope, Jane, etc. But nothing that caught my eye.

When I found out I could get induced on July 4th, I again returned to the Internet to see what Patriotic names were out there. Liberty, Freedom (I'm not into those kinds of "names"), Ruby, Julia, Bella. Hmmm. Nothing doing here either.

As of Saturday night, we still hadn't come up with one. I kept tossing Louise out there this whole pregnancy but wasn't really getting anywhere with it. I would love to have a LouLou.

Sunday morning, ditto. Still no name.

Sunday afternoon, while in labor, I finally told him that I was too "busy". The ball was in his court. I'd go with whatever name he wanted. I had other things to think about, namely getting this baby out.

When she was born, it was decided that she was a Louise. It's the perfect name for her, especially since I think she looks more like my family and both of my grandmothers have Lou in their names.

The best part? We're both still sane....I think...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, the name game. You'd think with 8-9 months time, you would have plenty of time to decide and have it all figured out... Sometimes that's part of the surprise with meeting your new awaited baby. We have such a hard time agreeing on girl names. With our latest, Mike asked if he could use one of his favorites which sounded just right this time :)
I love the name Louise - it fits your new dolly and family perfectly!