Friday, July 16, 2010

It's what I get

In an effort to fight the post baby boredom I decided that while Lou takes her morning nap today, I was going to ignore everything and everyone (nice aren't I?) and sew like a mad woman.

She surprised me and was sleeping by 8:30 am. Forgoing my shower, with my ancient fogs (aka glasses) still perched on my nose, bedhead in total disarray, I scrambled for my sewing machine.

While I talked my 7 year old thru the steps of washing laundry (his wife will thank me someday:) ),

I sewed another one of these bag holders.

While the younger kids spread books out all over the living room (as they pulled books out it caused an avalanche of stuff to fall out of the front closet), I worked on restocking the shop with this bib.

While my 5 yr old made an "attempt" at doing the breakfast dishes but ended up making a bigger mess,

I whipped out another set of these washcloths.

And so it went for a few hours this morning. I continued to sew as my little Tornados made their way thru the house. In an effort to get as much done as possible, I didn't clean up my mess as I went. (at least they come by that trait honestly) Soon my table and chairs are heaped with fabric, scraps, tools, etc. Dolly had spread key fob hardware across the whole dining room. Whatever keeps her happy.

At one point I was ready to change my shirt to a black and white striped one and scrounge around for a whistle to wear around my neck but then I remembered my vow to myself to let the kids figure out their own squabbles.

At the first squawk from Lou, I had three concerned faces at my elbow letting me know she was awake. I nestled myself onto the couch to feed and surveyed the mess, refusing to sigh. (Sigh.)

As I filled Lou's little belly, my sweet Displaced Princess (the new term for my 19 month old, coined by my dear aunt) kept swatting at her brother (who told her in not so nice terms to knock it off at which she's burst into tears only to repeat the process), a figure appeared at the open back door. I frantically looked for a blanket to cover my midsection (I never did find one) as she made her way into the house, stepping carefully over the graham cracker crumbs, around the pile of shoes, and peered between stacks of fabric at me.

It was a census worker looking for information on our neighbors. You have got to be kidding me. Now I sighed and sighed heavily, as I viewed the chaos thru her eyes. As all the action stopped and all faces stared at her (I give her credit for not staring back), I patiently told her that I didn't know anything about them except that they're gone all day.

She politely thanked me and gingerly made her way out the door as fast as she could.

I can only imagine the story she'll have to tell...
It was so awesome to sew again, I don't even care. Now the kids and I will face the music and get this place back in order...whatever that means...


Andrea said...

I want to come and help you! I'll be moving soon so I have to get things packed up, but I'll try to make it over soon. Emily and I got a gift for little Lou :)

able mabel said...

Your offer is very sweet Andrea. Thanks. I told the kids that lunch would be served as soon as all the messes were cleaned up. Worked like a charm! Now we'll go into naptime with a clean house and kitchen. No complaints here!

Chet and Laura said...

Don't even get me started on the census workers...

Jessica said...

how rude! hope she learned a lesson.