Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A peek at life in able mabel land

As you can imagine, life is a tad bit busy around this house. Naps have become my newest best friend. Even if it's only for 20 minutes. It makes a difference.
Little Loulou is starting the funny faces stage, much to the delight of her siblings. I swear she smiles too. "People" say newborns can't smile, but I beg to differ. There is no way she has that much gas. :)

This little girl is feeling a bit out of sorts. We try to keep her reasonably happy with little activities, such as swimming with Dad. She is determined not to get lost in the shuffle. As I type, she's pulling out the wet wipes one by one while saying, "No no." Oh well, I have bigger battles to fight.

This is one of the reasons I've been MIA from this blog so far this week. My SIL is in town. It's so fun to have her here. She's been keeping the kids out of my hair. Today she brought the oldest three kids hiking, meaning I'm flying solo with the toddlers for the first time. (See why I'm letting the wet wipe flinging festival fly?)
Lou is growing like a weed! I bought this outfit before she was born, thinking she was going to be a smaller baby. She proved me wrong and now the legs are capri length. Good thing it's summer! She is taking her role of newborn very seriously. Without fail, as soon as I sit down to eat a meal, she squalls. Thankfully, the talent of eating one handed comes back to a person rather quickly. Also as soon as I change one diaper, she fills up the next within minutes. I've been able to sneak in little able mabel doings while Lou naps. Short little spurts here and there such as retaking pictures.

And a quick custom light switch cover.
I woke up this morning thinking that while Lou takes her morning nap, I'll work on more light switch covers. So far, Lou is proving she indeed is the boss and isn't sleeping yet. Sigh. So goes the life with a newborn. She'd rather snuggle than sleep. I'm willing to indulge her as I love this part of a newborn! :)

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