Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Over the Map with Pictures

When the kids saw Lou like this today, they were convinced she was starting to crawl. I love the look of concentration on her face, complete with the crossed eyeballs. She gets cuter and cuter everyday. So far she has been a very good baby. She does need to be held when she's awake but then she'll sleep for hours on end. We lucked out again and got another precious baby!
The kids were also convinced they found a "snake" this morning. When I suggested it might be a caterpillar, they said, "Nope. It doesn't move it's body like one." Poor thing was probably so traumatized, it couldn't/wouldn't move.

It's a good thing this girl is still so darn funny because she sure has been naughty lately. Terrible 3's in full force here. Each day she asks if Lou has teeth yet. I'm not sure what the hang up with teeth is but when I told her Lou was going to church last night, she gasped and said, "But does she have teeth?" Whatever.
Last night Hubby came down dressed for church. She was on her way out the door when she caught of glimpse of him. She came back in, tracked him down and told him, "Oh Daddy! You look so cute!" Melt my heart. How right she was!

Don't you love it when you're digging thru your fabric stash and "discover" fabric you forgot you had. Case in point here. Along with about 5 other pieces.

This leopard print one is another forgotten piece.
This little Dolly is reminding me more and more of my youngest sister when she was this age. Everything about her. Her body shape, her few little wispy curls, her personality, her grin. She is my "little girl with the curl", if you remember that poem. All of my other girls have been little birds so it's so fun to have one with a bit of meat on her bones. I love watching her cheeks "bounce" when she runs. I love the dimples in her elbows. I love the creases on her wrists. I love her chunky little legs. I just flat out love her!


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Chet and Laura said...

KyKy, you need to come visit us so you and Avery can play and fight! Plus, I want to meet your new sister! She sure is cute!

Hannah said...

are you talking bout me??