Monday, July 19, 2010

Eating Crow

or should I say I have to eat my words.

When I realized I was due in the smack dab middle of summer
I whined,
I complained,
I fussed
about having a baby when the kids were home for the summer. I only thought about
the noise level,
the mess level,
the laundry level,
the boredom level,
the chaos level all being thru the roof and into the next galaxy.

What I didn't realize were the perks that come along with a summer baby. Willing arms to burp her.
Willing friends to haul my troops to the beach with them.
Willing Bigs to make the Littles lunch ("Restaurant" is a favorite game around here. I think I've made lunch a grand total of 5 times so far this summer.)
Willing friends to come play or have my kids over to their house.
Neighbors close by so I don't have to play "soccer mom" as they go between houses.

Willing bookworms wanting to put Baby to sleep.
A library within biking/walking distance.
Not-quite-so-willing troops to help with the cleaning and laundry.
Older kids who can entertain themselves in the afternoons, with minimal interruptions to my naps.
A pool to keep kids occupied and cool.

Eating crow never tasted so yummy! :)


Chet and Laura said...

I love having to dress her in only a onesie, unless we go out, of course.

Hannah said...

you should seirously come up here sometime... or i should come there...