Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Tale

There once were three sisters.

Living in three different states.

Each sister was expecting a baby.

Each sister had a different due date.

Each due date fell in the same week.

The oldest sister was due first.

The middle sister was due second.

The youngest sister was due last.

Together they waited, growing bigger each day and compared notes via phone and computer.

Each sister thought she had the biggest belly.

Each sister thought her toes were the fattest.

Each sister thought her other sisters' belly and toes were tiny compared to her own.

Because the sisters were never all together in the same place, there was no way to confirm who was bigger than who.

Each sister pondered names, bouncing ideas off the other sisters.

Each sister didn't settle on a name until the their due date loomed.

The youngest sister delivered first. A healthy baby girl.

The middle sister delivered second. A healthy baby boy.

The oldest sister still waits for her Princess to be born.


That's me.

The oldest sister.

The one due first.

The one who went overdue.

The one with the biggest belly.

The one with the biggest toes.

The one who still doesn't have a name "set in stone".

The one who waits all by herself. (without her sisters)


Chet and Laura said...

I had the biggest toes. They were so huge in the hospital, they were shiny.

Gilliauna said...

Awwww! I hope you "pop" soon hon. Terrific story tho! *Smile* Kept me reading right until the end. Congratulations, both to you and to both your sisters!

able mabel said...

Whatever Laura. If you wouldn't buff your toes, they wouldn't be shiny.

Sharyn said...

loved this post.

my sister was due a week after me, and she had hers a week before me. I didn't talk to her that week. LOL The NERVE! And I'm the oldest too.

Conor and Heather said...

Nadia read this post to me in the hospital. I couldn't help but feel sorry for you :) But really, I don't think you had the biggest toes & belly. Nice try. Good luck!!!!!!

Gram said...

Cute cute story. You made my day. I know of two sisters (my sister-in-law, one of them) who were due 6 weeks apart and they had their babies within hours of each other, at the same hosptial....eons ago.

Gram said...

Forgot to let you know that I'm delighted with my little blankie and key fob that I ordered. Thanks. My girls are wanting the key fob...Sorry, I can't choose, so I'll keep it myself.