Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the agenda for the day...

(Along with a few bad pictures)

Racing the clock daily doesn't leave much time for updating blogs. Even something as simple as Wordless Wednesday. Such is life this week.

Today, I again raced the clock. Some of this busyness is self induced so no sympathy is required. :)
I had procrastinated long enough on this light switch cover. I was absolutely dreading it. My customer wanted a peacock feather to match the pillows in her bedroom. I told her I'd have it done by this afternoon. I got started on it at 1:30 pm. Good one.

When I first saw the picture she sent, my heart sank when I saw how feathery the feather was. (Hence the procrastination.) I racked my brain, trying to decide how best to tackle it. I browsed online for ideas.

Being able to put it off any longer, I opened up my scrap paper drawer to search for some tan paper. I was delighted to see dark tan paper with lighter tan swirls right on top of the pile. Viola!! It couldn't get any easier!! I channeled my inner Kindergartner and started cutting out the swirls, needing to customize them a bit to fit the size I needed to do. It all came together much easier and faster than I thought it would. Sweetness!

My friend and I brought our troops to Costco this morning where I purchased my latest obsession. Edamame. I've been boiling it in water and then lightly salting and putting a dab of soy sauce on top. (You just eat the beans, not the shell.) Delicious!! I'm going to make it along with our dinner tonight. I have a feeling this box won't last long. I tried some earlier on the toddlers and they gobbled it up. I can only imagine how much the older kids will love it. This sort of veggie is totally up their alley.

I also couldn't resist getting a few new water bottles. Aren't these designs just the coolest? The purple one isn't shown. There's something about drinking out of a neat container, whether it be a coffee cup, glass or water bottle.
Dinner prep awaits. See you tomorrow for Friday Finds!

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CAPow! said...

edamame is my favorite! I'm going to have to pick some up to snack on asap!