Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I don't get it.

I know I stayed up way too late last night reading so maybe my thinking is fuzzy but help me out here...

I was on a mission this am to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Ours, well, doesn't suck. Not very well at least. You see, my in-laws are coming this weekend to spend a few days with us. I've known that we've needed a new vac for ages but there's nothing like a out of town guests to light a fire under my rear. (Hubby was a tad bit puzzled that I'd buy a new vac for his mother but not for us Heehee.)

I packed up the troops and headed to Sears. (Quite a few of my friends own Kenmore Canisters Vacs and love them. There's nothing like glowing testimonials to make my decision on what to purchase easier.) I chatted with the sales lady about my options, settled on a vac only to told they were out of that particular one. Go figure. She was willing to sell me the floor model though. I asked what sort of discount she was willing to give me. Her reply, "Full price. There's nothing wrong with it." I raised my eyebrows at her. I was tempted to answer, "Nothing except the fact that there have been many people pawing at it, checking it over, testing it out and busting who knows what." I held my tongue though. I could either pay $50 more for the exact same one but in a different color or wait until the 19th when they'd get more in. Sorry lady, no can do. I need it like yesterday. I left empty handed.

I've already established the fact that I'm a Tight Finn so maybe my thinking is flawed but why would a store sell a store model of anything at full price when who knows what's been done to it? And why would anyone buy a floor model at full price? I don't get it.

As I was pulling onto the freeway, on my way to Sears, my phone rang. It was the school. My son had thrown up and could I please come get him. Hauling a sick kid along would really hamper my errand running so I asked if he could just lie down until I got there. Selfish of me, I know. I figured it would take me a bit less than an hour. The nurse was fine with that.

I walked into her office to claim my child. He was no where to be found. She told me he was at lunch. My jaw about hit the floor. My sick kid. At lunch. With all the rest of the kids. Check that. He had escaped out to the playground by that time.

She told me to head out to the playground, have a little chat with him and see whether he wanted to come home or stay at school. By this time I was feeling like my eyebrows would become one with my hairline. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. All my experiences with school nurses have been the exact opposite...they tend to be overly cautious.

There was no way I could, in good conscience, leave him at school even if he was feeling better. I understand her decision to let him eat. But to send him back out into the swirling masses of kids to further circulate his germs and then give me the option of leaving him at school? I don't get it.


Chet and Laura said...

I love my Kenmore vac. The floor models were discounted at Ridgedale. I wonder why they weren't there.

able mabel said...

See? Everywhere I've ever shopped as always discounted their floor models. It took me by surprise they don't do that at this Sears.

Mignon said...

Common sense should be called something else because clearly the nurse was lacking. And no, who in their right mind would buy a floor model for full price. It seems like both the washer and dryer were either the floor model or dented or something because what do I care, they went in a laundry room. Totally didn't pay full price and they came from Sears. It sounds like this woman was also lacking what the nurse was lacking.

Conor and Heather said...

I love my Kenmore too. Had it 4 years now, with no repairs and still sucks strong!! Hope you have luck finding one you like.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I would never, ever purchase a floor model of anything for full price. What in the world was that salesperson thinking? I'd had something to say!