Monday, February 22, 2010

I've failed miserably

in 2010 with taking pictures that are non-able-mabel related. Part of it is laziness but most of it is not having a good camera for indoor/poor lighting shots. Here's about all I have so far this year... Baby Doll keeping herself entertained by pulling apart the cupboard housing the baking utensils. Lovely lighting.
My huge 3-almost-4 year old throwing a fit in the kitchen floor. Nothing new and different. He's like the "Girl with the Curl". When he is good, he is very very good but when he's bad, he's horrid! At least the floor looks semi clean.

A newel post from that arrived busted. It soon went back to where it came from with a full refund. Annoying. Superb over all picture.

A pathetic attempt to capture the kids holding hands, twirling in circles. Wonderful composition, wouldn't you agree? Or not. Gag.

A baby who decides to toss half of her spaghetti and meatballs over the side of her tray before starting to eat. Love the look on her face along with her hands and feet going 90 mph. Delightful. Note the delightful backdrop of the underside of the card table. Totally makes this picture award winning, doesn't it?
(Note: the combo of kids and spaghetti is not for the faint of heart. If it wasn't a favorite meal around here, it would be banned. There's nothing worse than stepping on a wet noodle.)
So in the coming months, while I save my pennies for a new camera, I'm going to strive to do my best with the camera I have. Take more pictures, find betting lighting, etc. It's not too late for a New Year's Resolution, is it?

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jen said...

Well, at least your photo memories will be accurate. No rose colored lenses there.