Monday, February 1, 2010

A few weeks ago I begged

sister JB to do up some bird signs for a local shop that carries our products. She, being the nice big sister that she is, agreed and got down to business.

I was chatting with her on the phone this morning, catching up with how life is going on that end of the world. I asked how the signs were coming along. She said she had shipped them out to me on Friday! Hooray!!

Sometimes the mail service around here takes to heart the term "snail mail" and it takes forever to get mail. I figured I'd have them by Wednesday at the latest even though she shipped them Priority. I was delighted to find this box in my mail box today... (Just think, had she shipped it to me via Parcel Post, it would have been over twice as expensive as Flat Rate Priority. No, I don't get paid by the USPS to tell you that.)

Feeling like a kid in the candy store, I eagerly ripped open the box. Actually it was taped shut so well, I had to rummage around the kitchen for a pair of scissors to make it thru all that tape.
Unbelievable! I know she's my sister so maybe I'm a bit biased, but I'm constantly being blown away by her talent!!!

I just laid these out on my kitchen table for some quick snapshots...

The shop owner wants a set of 10 bird signs featuring birds found in Colorado. Along with it she wants matching light switch covers and possibly some coasters.

I just love how they turned out! The local shop will get first dibs on these but whatever she doesn't take will show up on Etsy.
Of course, JB would be more than happy to make any one of these for anyone! There is currently one bird picture listed in our shop. You can find it here.


Chelsea Ling said...

those are beautiful!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, how gorgeous!!

Chet and Laura said...

Good job, other sis.

-Karina said...

Those are REALLY cute! I love them.

Karen said...

Wow! Those are so nice.

Angela said...

She is really talented!

Anonymous said...

So adorable!!