Friday, February 26, 2010

Facing the facts

I've been realizing lately that my baby,
with the dimple in her elbow and still no hair, is no longer a baby. She is turning into a toddler.
She looks at books.

She walks. (Get a load of this legs! They are simply irresistable!! It's so much fun having a girl with rolly legs. I'm sure she'll appreciate them in years to come. :) )

She squats.
She babbles.
She signs a few signs in sign language.
She comprehends simple sentences.
She's a ham.
She's fiesty.
She has a screech like no other.
She's squishable.
She will let no one get in her way.
She will let no one bully her.
She has sparkle.
She has spunk.
She has personality.
She will not be left out.
She's huggable.
She's loveable.
She's the cat's meow.
She knows it.
She lights up our lives.
She's a keeper.
She's no longer a baby.
She's a toddler.


Chet and Laura said...

Rolly legs? I don't think so. Have you seen Tucker's?

My baby boy is no longer a baby either. But he can be until baby comes.

jen said...

Rolly legs? Ha! She doesn't have any deep grime-collecting crevices!

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Sniff, sniff. Time for another.

able mabel said...

It's all relative Laura and Jen. For my baby girls, her legs are rolly. They're not sticks like the other girls have had.

Compared to your two little chubbo's legs, she's not the least bit rolly.

"Deep grime-collecting crevices"? Now that doesn't sound the least bit cute!

jen said...


jessica said...

a toddler? she's barely 1! with another on the way they just get forced to grow up, don't they?