Thursday, February 18, 2010

Entertaining the In Laws

We've had an enjoyable time with Hubby's parents in town. They stayed with us for three nights and then headed over to his brother's house. They'll take off for AZ tomorrow sometime.
  • They were so easy to have here. I do have the best In Laws in the whole world. I got lucky. Granted, my own Mom and Dad take the cake, but my In Laws are a close second. (Do I get brownie points for that one Mom, after that one posting where I forgot you?)
  • Hubby was pleased they stayed with us because that meant I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom (or as much as I could) on Saturday. He thinks we should always have company over. (What a brat, huh? I think he was kidding...kind of.)
  • We're going out to dinner with them tonight. Should be fun.
  • (I'm ignoring my almost 4 year old at my elbow, begging to play Starfall)
  • I was sewing on Monday when they got back to our house in the afternoon. I'll was a bit nerve-wracking to have my MIL sitting there watching me sew. She worked as a tailor at Dayton's/Marshall Fields/Macy's for years. Had it been my own Mom, it would have been a different story.
  • We were chatting with them on Sunday, going over their schedule for the week. Hubby's mom told him "You better get to bed early on Monday night since you'll have late nights the rest of the week." She meant well and it was very true, but I still got the giggles. Once a Mom, always a Mom.
  • So on Monday night, the time was pushing 10 bells. Hubby looked at the clock and said, "I better get to bed before Mom and Dad get home." I got the giggles again. (and am still getting them thinking about it.)
  • We might not have seen the last of them. They're thinking they'll swing back thru on their way home. No complaints from me. They're welcome anytime.
  • My FIL kept commenting about different things our baby was doing. I think he was quite impressed with her. (Not that I blame him :) ) I couldn't help thinking that they see a whole different side of our kids when we're all under the same roof for days rather than just visiting for an afternoon as we did when we lived in MN. Whether or not that is a good thing is debatable...I like to think it's good, but they may beg to differ.
  • They brought along frozen baked goods and bread from the family bakery back home. I wonder if they realize how many brownie points they got for that. (No hints here, Mom. I'm just saying.)
  • I'm sure they'll go home and never want to play another game of UNO again. Our kids have been fascinated with the game lately. Our kindergartner pulled it out every time Grandma sat down. Grandma was a good sport and played game after game. Thankfully she felt free to tell Al when enough was enough.
  • I couldn't help but wonder what my FIL thought as our 4 year old kept talking about "The other Grandpa, the one that lives in MN." Minor detail. Both Grandpas live in MN. :)

Mom and Dad, now it's your turn to come visit!


Sarah Niemela said...

Your MIL sews better than me?

able mabel said...

That's not what I meant. It's more unnerving to have her watch me than it is to have my own mother watching me sew. I'm just more comfy around my own mother and that's a good thing!