Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Thrilled!

I got a package of Christmas paper in the mail today! They are soooo inspiring! I raided the clearance stash of Christmas paper at Generations Crafting (I'm a tight Finn, what can I say?). Don't worry, I didn't clean them out. I can't wait to dig into them!! First though, I need my paper cutter to come. (I left the one we had in MN for JB.) The closest scrapbooking store is an hour away so online will be my "best friend"!

In other "news" around this place...I'm trying to get used to this high altitude cooking business. Thankfully my husband's niece is here to help bail me out. I'm trying my second attempt at muffins. She told me just to add an extra egg. (sounds like, when in doubt, add an egg) We'll see how that works. The first time I tried them down here, they all looked like innie bellybuttons. They tasted fine, just looked really funny! There is an interesting combo of smells going on in here...lemon poppy seed muffins in the oven, spaghetti and meatballs simmering on the stove...yumm!

I also got my first UPS package today. I do a ton of clothes shopping online. (When you have a husband who wears talls and kids who do slims, the choices of local shops is pretty limited.) When we moved from our last house, the UPS guy acted like he was going to miss delivering to our house. I'm sure we just gave him is daily dose of "head shaking". He never knew what he was going to see going on at our house. Kids half dressed, bikes all over the place, extra kids running around, two year old telling "stories", etc. I almost warned the UPS guy today but figured he'll realize it soon enough! (poor guy!)

There goes the timer! Off to check the muffins! (fingers crossed)

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