Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's amazing what a nap can do for a person!

I woke up this morning feeling cruddier than all get out. I soon found out that if I stayed still and didn't move around it was managable. Good thing I have this stack of projects to work on for the craft sale this weekend. After a nap this afternoon, I feel almost human again! Wonderful!

Yesterday I had a glorious afternoon of total silence and was able to get a lot of "playing" done. You should see my house now. I have stuff scattered everywhere! I just ordered some desktop paper organizers so that should help with the mess. Right now all my paper, rubons, stickers, etc are just sitting in a priority shipping box. What a hassle to have to dig thru!

I think I got all the paper crafts done so tomorrow I can start in on the jewelry. I think there are just a few items I need to do. The kids are off school tomorrow so this should be interesting. Maybe I can lock myself in the office and work...

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