Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing of importance

Last night as my husband was studying at the computer, I shut the door to our bedroom and started working on some coasters. In truth, I was trying to escape from my very needy baby. She has hit the "lovely" stage of always wanting Mom but nothing I do for her will stop her screeching. If she doesn't see me, she's just fine. The older girls entertained the other kids (including babes) while I worked in peace. I had to chuckle because whenever anyone opened the door to my room, Baby Doll was right there, ready to come in! I figured it was good babysitting practice for our oldest two girls, although they're still a few years away from babysitting.

This morning I was able to get outside and take some pictures. Or at least until my camera battery ran out. (There's always something!!) During naptime, I started in on some Advent Calenders. I got one done and the other started. Maybe tonight after the kids go to bed I'll finish it up.

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