Friday, October 31, 2008

I know something was up

as soon as I heard our computer printer make noise and the ceiling fan become quiet. Sure enough...6:30 am the power went out this morning. It came back on long enough for my husband to take a shower and the coffee pot to start perking. Then it was off again for most of the morning. It seemed to affect the whole town except for hubby's work (darn anyway!).

So this is how I spent my morning...

making coasters for the church sale. Last night I dragged myself to craft night (I was so lazy about going. I, of all people, should know that that is a poor excuse...last year we burned the midnight oil many nights trying to get ready for the sale, only to hear people's "interesting" excuses why they couldn't help out). I was glad I went because it gave me the jump start I needed to pull my stuff back out.
Now I have to wait for the sealer to dry so I better get my tennis shoes on and get this place cleaned up before the school kids get home!

1 comment:

Sarah Niemela said...

Sounds like you are digging right in. Do you have all of your boxes put away? I taught you well....!!