Monday, February 25, 2008


An appropiate title for today, I think. School is two hours late due to fog that is slow to burn off. The Internet thinks it's a snail and is acting that way. My brain is kind of tired and can't think very quickly.
Pictured is a paper pieced collage that JB made and is working on making it's way south east to Ohio! Once again, the picture doesn't do it justice. We've been mixing up our "raw materials" and instead of using only wood, we've been throwing in some glass frameless collages. I personally prefer the glass ones, because I like the more "modern" look of them. They are more tricky to photograph, ship and require much more care. We haven't brought any of the glass into Dunn Brothers because of the fear of them breaking. The wood is so much more sturdy (stating the obvious there!). If one happened to fall off the wall (never know how people act when loaded with caffeine) there's nothing on them that will break.
Rumor has it that we're going to switch gears this week and work on some sewing! I'm excited although I don't know how to sew. I wield the iron and can iron a mean seam!! JB bought me a sewing book for my birthday that has me drooling! Now I just need a sewing machine...
I've narrowed down my choice of camera (unfortunately money is an issue so I can't get the SLR that I want) and it's just a matter of ordering it. I think I'll do that this afternoon or evening.

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