Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good News and Not-So-Good News

The good news? I made it back from Dallas, TX in one piece. I left on Friday and came back on Tuesday. My husband is down there for two weeks doing some training for work. I took baby and went for a long weekend. The weather could have been better but the relaxation was wonderful!

The not-so-good news? I left with my camera and came back without it. I am soooo irritated at myself for losing it! I usually keep it in my purse and have my purse on me at all times. I have always been extremely careful not to lose my camera. I use it every-single-day and am feeling very lost without it!! The last time I remember using it was on Saturday night. I was taking a video of my husband playing with our baby. I put it on top of my suitcase (which was open) when I was done, intending to put it in my purse after I had gotten babes settled for the night. I realized on the way to the airport that it wasn't in my purse but didn't panic because I figured it was still in my suitcase. I called my husband and had him do a quick check of the hotel room. When I emptied my suitcase at home it wasn't in there (also missing a brand-new-tags-still-on shirt that was way at the bottom of my suitcase). I had him do another check of the room and he didn't find it! I'm trying very hard, but not succeeding very well, not to panic and am hoping it will show up as he packs his stuff up to come home. He asked at the front desk, just in case, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. It's a good lesson for me to always put stuff back when it belongs and to never, never, never leave anything of value in hotel rooms.

Sigh...........I hate when stuff like this happens!


Human Touch Designs said...

Awww, I hope your camera turns up soon! I'm like you, LOST without mine!

Great site/etsy shop, by the way! You've been hearted :)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Oh No.I hate learning those kind of lessons.Hope it is shooting the way home to you.

ThisOldHenHouse said...

aww, that sucks :-(

Once I left my purse in my cart at the grocery store.

everything was gone but some eyeliner :-( It sucked.

Dont worry, you'll be clicking your way to gorgeous photos again soon!