Tuesday, February 26, 2008


finding a chance to sit down and blog today. I went to JB's at 9 am this morning. I didn't get back until about 4, then it was time for supper, etc.

JB and I dusted off the sewing machine today. It's a little hard switching gears from paper to fabric. We had a lot of ideas and couldn't decide where to start. Then we realized that fabric we bought hadn't been washed yet. Our "creative process" came to a screeching halt! As the washer hummed, we had to rethink and brainstorm what we should work on.

We started some little zippered pouches. When we got to the lining and realized we'd have to hand-stitch it in, we decided it wasn't worth our time. Those got pushed to the side (it was lunch time anyway).

JB must have had her washer on "turbo mode" because by the time we got lunch done, the fabric was washed and dried. (or maybe it was the fact that between the two of us, we have so many kids to feed it takes a while) We decided to try our hand at an apron....

It wasn't quite done by the time I left (you see, my baby was not very happy today, refusing to nap and crying to be held, sigh...) JB was sewing the ruffle onto the bottom hem as I dragged my screaming children out of her house. (I thought the sound I heard as I was leaving was from the wind blowing thru the door but the more I think about it, it was probaby JB sighing with relief that we were leaving)

The apron is darling! I would love to list it on Etsy but we need it for the March 15th sale. It took us a while but next time we can work on a couple at a time and get it done so much faster! One of us at the sewing machine and one of us at the iron...we'd be done in no time!

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