Thursday, February 7, 2008

Okay, that wasn't nice

to call JB a Fossil. She isn't even that old. I was just struggling to come up with my 7th thing and my kids were hollering (like that's anything new and different). So, let's all be really nice to her and buy something that she made.

I'll have to figure out how to make it up to her...hmmmm...any ideas? (please, please, please don't say to do her dishes for a week!)

Now on another note..Mom sent an e-mail out yesterday asking if any of us wanted to go with her to the Mall of America, IKEA and a place called Digs (a very yummy fabric store) on Saturday. She then proceeded to say she didn't want to drive and would anyone else like to. Here are two of the responses...

I could probably arrange something with wheels...nothing as classy as a Town and Country...the Olds wagon is coming home from WI on a trailer today, so that would be unavailable (darn!) grocery getter is a bit small, and the radio doesn't work...We would be able to ride in style with the scrap heap on wheels (ol' blue and white). The heater in front works great. It's clean inside. It always starts! ALWAYS! And whoever is sitting by the sliding door can watch the ground whizzing by for entertainment on the long drive to MOA! Otherwise, we could take the "new" van, which, my hunch is, would be the most logical choice of the B's Used Car Lot. Oh, I forgot to mention the Stranger...but there would only be room for 3 skinny passengers in the cab. And whoever sat in the middle would have to coordinate gear shifting with the driver. Any takers?

Translation: Stranger = Ford Ranger

The response to this...

Let's take the van with the hole in the floor! That sounds fun. We can drop M&M's down and find our way back home!

Sigh...see what I have to put up with!?!

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