Thursday, June 10, 2010

Post op

Let the recovery begin!

Believe it or not, Hubby's knee surgery actually took place today.

As I helped him into his ultra-glamorous light purple paper gown, I got the giggles. It was so nice to be the one, fully clothed, helping him into that hideous thing. He didn't see the humor in it. :) As he climbed into the hospital bed and covered his head with the beautiful "hat" they gave him (he quipped, "I better protect what's left of my hair, I'd hate to lose more than I have to."), I was wishing I had brought along my camera. I'm usually the one sitting in the hospital bed so it was sweet to get a taste of the "other side".

The surgery went well. We don't know exactly what was done but given his discharge instructions, we're guessing it ended up being relatively minor. I felt bad because they had told me to come back to get him after 2 hours and when I got back there after an hour and a half, he was already awake and ready to go home. I had missed the chat with the surgeon and Hubby had been too out of it to talk with him. Oops. We should find out the extent of it tomorrow when one of us calls into the clinic. We'll know then how long he'll be out of work, how long I get to play nursemaid and all that good stuff.

He's still on his post-op "high", no pain whatsoever thanks to all the drugs they gave him. I'm guessing tomorrow will be the rough day, or that's what we've been told by various people.


Sarah Niemela said...

Poor thing - well give him our best. And let's hope for a full recovery soon so he can help you with baby!!!

Jessica said...

glad to hear all went well! hope he has a fast recovery for your sake!