Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

to little Miss KyKy. My big 3 year old! (one who would be content to stay in her jammies all day long!)

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Sarah Niemela said...

Hi KyKy!! I hope you had a wonderful jammy birthday!! I forgot to call you. But you should ask your mom if YOU can call ME today!!! Did you know you look just like your mom when she was your age??! She was so much fun and she always ran to wait for grandpa at the door when he came home from work!
I am sure you do the same thing! I hope you are having lots of fun waiting for the new baby! Avery loves her new baby sister soooooooooooo much!!
I am sure you will be a big helper just like Avery will be!
Have a good day!! love, Grandma