Thursday, June 17, 2010


  • Today was the kids' last day of swimming lessons. My 9 yr old was so bummed out she didn't pass her level. It took me a while to talk her out of her gloom. She feels better now that she found out one of her friends didn't pass either. Better luck for her next year.
  • I'm glad the teachers didn't let them pass if they didn't do everything right. I'd hate for them to move on to deeper water and panic.
  • I had the best of all worlds today.
  • A friend from MN came over for lunch. She left sooner than I thought so I was able to put my kids down for naps. Bonus sewing time for me! No complaints on my end.
  • I had my "Mean Mom" hat on this afternoon and made my 7 year old take a nap. It felt weird but you should have seen the fuss he kept making over every.little.thing. He definitely needed that nap. He's still sleeping, several hours later.
  • I still haven't gotten around to photographing my stack of finished sewing projects. This summer vacation bit sure is putting a crimp in my schedule. :)

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