Friday, June 25, 2010

A letter to Baby June

(as we've been affectionately been calling our soon-to-appear Precious Bundle)

Dear Baby June~
As your date of appearance nears (4 days and counting), your father and I have it all figured out. We would like to request that you stay happily swimming in-utero until next Friday evening. (This will require us to change your name to Baby July) You should then make your appearance sometime next weekend. We have most of the details in place (including approval from the midwife) so how does that fit in with your agenda? :)

Speaking of happily swimming...I understand your need to practice your acrobatic moves especially since you'll need them when it comes to protecting yourself against the "hugs" of your two baby-loving sisters. But do you really have to practice your moves just as I'm trying to fall asleep at night? This tired mom needs all the sleep she can get. We both realize that space in-utero is slim to none so maybe we can work out a compromise. You can hop around all you want as long as you're done by 10 pm. Sound good? Thanks! You're so agreeable!

Your brothers and sisters cannot wait to meet you! (Neither can Dad or I) Everyday I'm hammered with questions and comments, "When is your belly going to pop?" "How many more days?" "Can we please have another boy?" "You should call the doctor and see if you're having a boy." "Whoa! Your belly is huge!" These are mixed in with kisses on my belly from your sister. Our current "baby" just stares at me as she tries to sit on my lap, only to be nearly booted off by you. She's pretty much given up trying to sit on my lap.

Seriously though, Baby June. We'll take you whenever you come. We'll love you no matter what. You already are the sweetest, cutest, most precious Baby June (or Baby July) there ever will be!



Chet and Laura said...

Our baby doesn't listen to the No Jumping After 10 PM Rule. That's it's favorite time to jump. Speaking of June, Chet had June circled in the baby name book. I really hope he was kidding.

Jessica said...

I'm telling you...June is so hip! I could've used April, I guess.