Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have a bee in my bonnet today

to start decorating my living room. I was going to wait until it got painted but I've come to the conclusion that will still be a while before it gets done.

Okay, so part of it is the fact that a friend asked me what my style was because I still haven't decorated my house yet. I get the hint. :) (in her defense, she didn't mean it in that way, it just got my wheels turning.)
The first thing I want to tackle is the wall above my couch. I currently have a set of 4 collage style of scrapbooking papers on 24x24" boards. I'm tired of it and want something a bit smaller.
I have 15x15" boards waiting to be used. I have to decide if I want to do a set of three or four. I'm leaning towards a set of three. The hardest part is going to be deciding on which paper to buy. I found this one at
Birds and swirls may be "so last year" but I still like them. It would add "movement" to our living room that is full of straight lines.
Another set of papers that caught my eye was this one from I'm not wild about all the prints but love a few of them. Being that my couch is magenta, I'm liking the orange and greens. Framed in black, I think they'd be stunning.
With so many papers to choose from, this may be a long process. Maybe I just need to buy what first catches my eye and be done with it. Paper is such a cheap and easy way to decorate, it will be simple to switch it up when I get sick of it.
What do you think? Have you found any cool papers recently?

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