Monday, June 7, 2010

Does anything work today?

My cell phone won't work (or it's very spotty) when I need it most.
Blogger wasn't working.
Surgery didn't happen.
Facebook wasn't working.
Photo shoot didn't go too well.
Ugh. Anything else?

I'm seriously wishing I could do Tae Bo right now. It would feel soooo good. Instead I may have to settle for the exercise bike and hope it'll give me an attitude adjustment.

The plan for today was to take the kids to swimming lessons for 9:30, buzz to the grocery store while they had lessons to restock Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards, pick them up after lessons, pick up a sitter, race home, drop kids off, pick hubby up and then head off to surgery for his knee.

As I was convincing our 4 yr old that he did want to attend his swimming lessons (I knew he would be brave until we got there and then he'd throw a huge fit, I knew it, I knew it...yet I still signed him up. What a waste of time, money, energy, patience, etc.), Hubby called and said thanks to mis-communication between the docs and insurance and paperwork issues, surgery had to be rescheduled. Oh great.

I had been on the ball this morning and gathered all the necessary paperwork and put it in my purse so I'd have it when we needed it this afternoon. Now I had the paperwork and he needed info from it so he could get the doc's work order changed so he could go to work today. Just as I was about to give him the info, my phone battery died. (of course, no car charger to be found) Double grrr. I managed to get my phone powered on long enough to text him a fax number he needed.

Poor guy. We had no groceries on the house and all of his work clothes were dirty. Last night I had figured I was safe on both because he wasn't suppose to eat or work today. Sigh.

He got to work and found out the fax number I sent him was the wrong one. By then, my phone was charging but wouldn't accept phone calls. So frustrating. (What's the point of paying for cell service if you can't use it when you need it?) I'm still not sure how long he ended up having to wait for the Doc's orders, but he did text me and let me know that he's cleared to work again. Whew.

We've been trying to communicate back and forth today but my cell is still being iffy. It takes many attempts to send texts and keeps dropping calls. Double ugh. I can't even call for technical help. Guess we'll just have to do things the old fashioned way and talk about Plan B when he gets home tonight.

Now we wait for a new surgery date to be scheduled. The next available time is Thursday or else next Monday. We'll keep our fingers crossed one of those dates will work and the surgery will be relatively minor so he can be back on his feet in a shortest amount of time. They won't know the extent of the surgery required until they get in there. The type of surgery will depend on how long his recovery will be. D Day is coming awfully fast. This household doesn't need both of us down at the same time.

You'd think that I'd be overjoyed at this bonus day I've been given. But no, I'm crankier than all get out. Darn hormones (when in doubt, blame it on hormones.). :) I'm seriously hoping exercise will help me adjust my attitude. It usually works...

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Chet and Laura said...

I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger was down. It seems as if everything in this house breaks at the same time.