Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's a Mom to do when

ever since Saturday night a barf bucket and bottle of re-hydrating fluids have become necessary to always have handy? When the washer hums constantly with bedding that no "normal" laundry is being done?When she has to lock herself in the bathroom to clean it while a blubbering baby bangs at the door?
When her couch is taken over by slumbering lugs?
When the appliance repair guy, who is suppose to come fix the clunked out microwave, calls looking for directions to her house but can't find it because he's in MN and she's in CO?

When she feels her Inner Screech Owl rearing it's ugly head?
What's a Mom to do?

She vents to her husband at work via text messages (who kindly offers to come home to help), tucks her cherubs in bed, inhales deeply in the clean and sanitary bathroom, puts one last load of bedding going, reschedules a local repairman to come fix the microwave,
grabs her book,

picks her way thru the maze of toys and heads for the exercise bike. She's pops off 13 miles in 40 minutes (a tad bit slower than normal but cut her some slack, will you?) while occasionally looking up from her reading to admire the mountains and enjoy the cool air coming in thru the slightly opened window. Her Inner Screech Owl tucked safely away, she enjoys a bowl of fresh strawberries and vanilla yogurt.

That's what she does. Ahhh!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Darn those days! Hope today is going MUCH better!

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