Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday morning Hubby took off for a well deserved day of fly fishing with one of his buddies. (This picture was taken last year on one of our camping trips.) He definitely needed a day off.

The kids and I puttered around the house. One of the projects I worked on was "modifying" a stack of holey jeans and pants. I've had a huge pile of them sitting in my closet waiting for me to do something with them. I just wasn't sure exactly what I should do. I knew I could always cut off the bottoms of the jeans and have them be shorts and capris, but I don't always like the messy cut off look. There is always the fabric ruffle which is perfect for my little girls, but seems too "little kiddish" for my bigger girls.
I was visiting with my "sewing partner in crime" on Friday and asking her if she had any ideas for me. She suggested adding a piece of bias tape instead of hemming them.Voila! I love the look. Clean look, simple to do. Perfect. This one was the experimental pair. I had bought several different colors of what I thought was single fold bias tape from Walmart, but when I opened the packages they were something else. Go figure. The only "right color" I had was denim so that is what this pair got. I'll share more pictures as I get the pants done.

Saturday evening I hauled the troops over to a friend's house to meet up with our husbands. We made possible plans to spend the day on Sunday outside since it was suppose to be gorgeous out! As we were visiting our two year old started throwing up. Gulp. Looks like our plans for Sunday just got changed. As I cleaned her up, Hubby hustled the rest of the kids out to the 'Burb and we headed for home. She had not shown any indication of being sick so it was a bit of a surprise when she started hurling. Talk about feeling guilty to expose our friends' kids to a sick bug!!

Sunday morning I found our baby had also thrown up. So much for any hike we were hoping to go on. Such is life with kids.
The boys entertained Baby Doll thru the open window.
(Excuse the grainy picture. I had to crop it way down but couldn't resist using it since I love the 4 yr old's face! Too bad I didn't capture Dolly's giggle.)

During nap time, I nestled myself into my camping chair to enjoy the sunshine. With camping season right around the corner, I have to get my body "camping chair ready". :) Might as well start now.

These two played hoops for a good long time. I did join in for a few games of PIG and Around the World. I tried a little two on one but could only play for a bit before my stomach couldn't take it anymore. It was fun to shoot a basketball again. It had been a while.


Caroline said...

I like the shorts! I did that with a pair of Hailey's pants - they were all tattered on the bottom so I cleaned up the bottom and sewed on bias tape. So easy! Didn't think of doing that for shorts - duh :)

jessica said...

who is that skinny chic?