Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We celebrate another birthday in able mabel land

This time it's the leader of the pack.
The man of the house.

The one we all wait for to walk in the door at the end of the day.
The one works hard, with little complaint or rest, to provide for us.
The one who makes us all laugh.
The one who is silly, goofy and downright funny.
The one who fixes things.
The one who builds things.
The one who takes us outside to explore nature.
The one who carries the weight of the family on his back.
The one who keeps us all going.
The one who has patience to deal with "kid stuff" when I don't.
The one who carries a strong sense of responsibility.
The one who doesn't get enough thanks for all he does.

The one we all love to pieces!

The one who isn't scared to roll up his sleeves and "play" in the flour.
The one who is a much better cook than I.
The one who is the most handsome man on this earth.
The one who loves me for who I am.
The one who is my best friend.
The one who is huggable.
The one I love with all my heart!
The one I'd be lost without.

I love you Hon and wish you a very happy birthday!! Thanks for being you!


jessica said...

awww..are't you just the sweetest for writing such a lovely piece!

able mabel said...

I wasn't trying to be sweet. I mean every word!! :)

Chet and Laura said...