Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something is still missing...

I'm keeping my finger crossed that the able mabel house is finally on the mend. I allowed myself a sick day yesterday. I had grand plans of sewing all day but ended up roosting on my rump most of the day. If I tried to do anything, my stomach rocked. Working on able mabel stuff while not feeling well was something I'd rather not do. The whole household was horizontal between the sheets by 9:30pm last night. We all woke up feeling refreshed!! Please let that bug be behind us!!

Today was not a productive day (able mabel wise) either. I ended up hanging out waiting for the repairman to come fix our microwave. He came all right but left leaving the microwave with more issues than it had before he started "fixing"it. He did admit that he didn't know what's wrong so he'll talk to his boss and let me know. Great. I never realized how much I rely on my microwave until now when it's not working. We're surviving though. :)

Cleaning and doing laundry allows my mind to wander. I started thinking about my pictures again. I was looking back at the bibs and lovies and am feeling like something is still missing from them. Darling baby aside, there is still something that...I don't know...bugs me. Maybe it's the background or the angle...
Ditto on the blankets and lovies. These pictures feel a little "flat" and "lifeless". It feels like I'm missing the element of "fun". I've been searching the Internet for ideas and have a few possibilities bouncing around in my head.
I want people to look at the picture and "need" them, not just "want" them. With all the baby items out there, I want able mabel products to stand out.
I think I just need to take out the camera and start experimenting. Practice, practice, practice. I know I can get better pictures, it's just a matter of figuring out what works best.
If anyone has any ideas or tips for me, shoot them at me (no pun intended).


jessica said...

what about going outdoors and finding some better lighting, backgrounds, funk it up a little. invest in a nice camera...:)

cabin + cub said...

hope you are feeling better.
love your blankets!.. i had to favourite your shop on etsy! ;)