Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few more pics

Lately, I've been sewing in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. I'm not sure what made me make the switch but so far it's been working.

This morning as I was sewing away, my two year old walked up and did this number... "It tickles my ear", she said. She did it several more times throughout the morning. Whatever floats her boat. :)

I whipped out a few more bibs and then re-did the photo shoot from yesterday.

One of the new ones. This one required piecing the fabric so I covered the seams with ric rac. Love the texture it gives. Also love how she's playing with her toes. So yummy!

You'd never guess by looking at this picture that she had just finished throwing a massive fit and kept trying to pull the bibs off. A bonus of using snaps instead of velcro!

Put her in blue and she looks like a little boy. Hmmph.Put her back in pink and she's all girl. If only we could get that hair to grow in. :) Hair or no hair, I'll still keep her!
Now I have a date with my dvd player and yoga dvd ("the hard yoga one" as my kids call it), then it's off to finish up a blanket for a customer (this will be her fourth birdie blanket she has purchased. I love repeat customers!). I'd still love to work in a bit more sewing but chances of that happening are slim to none. I'll take what I can get and be thankful for it...

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Jessica said...

Your little girl is sooooo stinking cute! I also love your little cute model, modeling off the bibs! Nice fabric choices too!