Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today is one of those days

when I am extra thankful to have able mabel filling my days.

My husband is an airplane mechanic. He works mostly on business jets. Business jets have this rotten habit of breaking down at every time of the day except during the hours of 8am-4pm. Being that they're business jets they need to be fixed asap, as in yesterday. (They sure are sounding like spoiled brats! ;) ) So when a call comes in, he needs to go. I've learned to be flexible and to "go with the flow". I'm not complaining as it's a fact of life and he loves his job.

Hubby called this morning and said there was a job in Denver that needed to be done so he was headed in that direction with one of his co-workers. He wasn't sure what time he'd be home. It wasn't suppose to be a very long job but we all know how that goes...famous last words!

My first thought was, "Bum deal. I love when he's home in the evenings."
My next thought was, "Oh good. There's work." (It's been pretty slow this month.)
My third thought was, "Sweet this will mean overtime this week." (greedy aren't I? Hey, just trying to look on the bright side.)
My last and best thought was, "Awesome! I'm going to able mabel the whole day away!"

and that is exactly what I did!

Thankfully the kids played nicely together and I sewed to my heart's content. Granted, I'd rather have Hubby home but if he's gotta work then I guess I'm "forced" to able mabel! :)

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