Monday, March 29, 2010

Hubby and I had a much needed

weekend away without the kids.

We packed up on Friday morning, dropped the toddlers off at his brother's house and made our way west to Moab. Friday was cold and rainy so we weren't able to do much outdoors. Bummer, but not much a person can do about that.Saturday we biked the Bar M Loop trail. The Bar M itself is an easy trail (yawn) but it has three loops that are intermediate. Just perfect for me. I was on my bike way more than I was off of it! Always a plus! Here is the most handsome man in the whole wide world, looking positively stunning in black! :)

It had been 15 years since I was last mountain biking so it took me a few miles to get back in the groove. Thankfully my wonderful husband was very patient with me while I figured it all out again.
After biking 11 miles, we headed off to Arches to do a bit of hiking. Nothing too strenuous (it was about 5 miles total), but just what we needed after all that biking. I spotted these two mule deer (there ended up being 5 total), snapped a picture, showed Hubby and we kept walking. Mule deer are pretty much an everyday sight around where we live.

These two ladies saw them after we did and one of the squealed with delight, "Look at those donkeys!!" She turned to Hubby and showed him. When he didn't show much excitement, she pointed them out again. This time he mustered up a bit more energetic response and we continued on our way, both of us chuckling.
On Sunday morning, Hubby would have loved to go on another bike ride but I couldn't get back on the bike. My biking muscles were way too sore (actually, it was just the seat of my rump where the seat hit. Padded gel shorts are a must and we didn't have any of those). I suggested a hike and he, being the good sport that he is, agreed. (He later confessed he had an alterior motive. If he did what I wanted to do then he was hoping I'd agree to him biking a couple days this week after work. :) Worked for me!)

Off we went to Negro Bills Canyon (I think that's what it was called.) It was a 2.2 mile (had to get that .2 in there) to a natural rock bridge, criss crossing streams and scrambling up rocks. We'll definitely have to take the kids on this hike when we go back camping there this Spring. They would love it!
Now we're back to reality. Hubby off to work this morning (with his bike attached to the back of his car so he can get a ride in after work) and me with a mess to clean up and kids on Spring Break to entertain. Oh joy. ;)


Karen said...

It looks beautiful! I couldn't see the 3rd, 4th and 5th pictures but the others look so nice.

jessica said...

you look very determined there! ;) full of concentration!