Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broading horizons

Anyone who owns any sort of shop, whether it be online or brick and mortar, knows the key to sales is to draw people in. B & M shops rely on their window display, Etsy sellers rely on their pictures.

Lately I've been brainstorming how to get more baby blankets/lovies to sell. Moms with babies is the obvious answer but I needed to think outside the box.

Taking advantage of the "endless supply" of babies in my life, I've been able to make able mabel's pictures somewhat unique.

That being said, I knew I needed to go further. Moms with babies can't be the only ones looking for blankets. I know I need to show my buyers what these blankets can be used for. Enter the girls who still play with dolls. I know this little Princess is still very much a toddler but she was all I had available today. I would love to work in both her and my 5 year old playing with "blanketed" dolls into the same photo. With only 5 photo slots available, I need to be somewhat selective.

Another option is the security blanket for toddlers. Let's face it, despite what the "experts" say, most toddlers/little kids still have some sort of comfort toy or whatever. I'll admit, my 5 year old still sleeps with a well worn pillowcase. (How she latched onto that is beyond me. At least it's easy to wash!)

My next idea is to research how hot Reborn Dolls still are. I may have missed the boat on that one. I quick search on Etsy doesn't bring up very many listings, but I'm still willing to try it.

After getting the first "new" blanket listed, we sold 3 other blankets within the first hour. Coincidence? Possibly. There is really no way to know. I'll keep working on changing up the listings though.

My next dilemma?! The first picture in a listing is the most important. How do I go about deciding just which picture to use? A variety? All the same? Help!!

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jessica said...

what about throwing the blanket over a crib? or does the picture have to include something living?