Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was all about hanging onto a thread of sanity today

A shirt soaked with drool.
A nose that never stops running.
A cry that never stops crying.
Mom's sanity hanging on by a thread.
It most likely means one thing.
A quick check in the mouth confirms it.
Double ugh.
Armed with a pacifier.
A dose of Motrin.
A bib.
A darling hat that was a bit too small.

We set about the morning, trying to hang onto that last little thread of sanity.

She refused to snuggle.
She refused to sit on my lap.
She refused to push her trike around.
She refused to ride her trike around.
She refused to sit on the steps.
She refused to walk down the sidewalk.

She was willing to sit in the stroller.

We spent a good part of the morning strolling the neighborhood.

Thank goodness for nap time.
Thank goodness for Motrin.
Thank goodness for bibs.
Thank goodness for pacifiers.
Thank goodness for older siblings willing to take her for another walk while I make dinner.

No one ever said a teething baby was a walk in the park. I can confirm that, but I'll still keep her.

Poor Baby.
Poor Mom. :)


Ruth said...

Ugh. I hate teething! Blair has one more eye tooth and then the 2 year molars. Just about the time "Rahrahs" will start! Well, good luck anyhow!

Sarah Niemela said...

Yummy baby!!! Come to grandma....