Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brain Purge #4546811

  • Life has been beyond busy lately. I find myself racing the clock every.single.day.
  • Not that I'm complaining. It's good to stay busy.
  • Thankfully the weather hasn't been all that great, so I'm not very tempted to hang out outside.I spent part of the day on Sat working on three of these babies.
  • As I was trying to get this shot, Baby Doll waddled over to the blanket, plopped down, put her feet together and said "cheese!".
  • Who can resist baby feet? :)
  • Especially when they're accompanied by sparkling blue eyes and dimple cheeks??!

  • Sunday found us with only a few kids left at home.
  • We treated those left behind to lunch at a sit down restaurant. They were beyond thrilled.
  • After lunch we hit the great outdoors.
  • Hubby tried out his newest toy, (a mountain bike) while the kids and I played at a nearby park.
  • The swings were a huge hit!
    She giggled and giggled as she swung.
    I tried to get pictures of the other kids playing but I wasn't quick enough. None of them turned out. (Blogger is not cooperating with me and my bullets today. Maybe I've filled my quota.)
    At least I tried! ;)

  • Today I went over to a friend's house and helped her finish a skirt for her little girl.
  • Along with helping her, I managed to get a little R&D done. (That would be research and development.)
  • I had been wanting to fine tune a kids apron design and a bib design but haven't found the time to do them.
  • I found that time today. Mission accomplished.

  • Left hanging over my head are 4 orders of light switch covers.
  • Tonight will be the night for those, I hope.
  • I, at least, want to get them most of the way done.
  • I am thrilled that tomorrow my schedule is clear.
  • I want to have a full day for sewing.
  • I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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