Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I shouldn't be surprised

but I can't help it.

Yesterday morning our 4 year old asked if I'd take the training wheels off his bike. I looked at him with surprise and told him to wait until Dad got home. He had just gotten his bike two weeks ago for his birthday and he was still pretty wobbly on it. I was envisioning many crashes, tears and him wanting the training wheels back on.

Sure enough, when Hubby got home it was the first thing he heard when he walked in the door. "Hey Dad! Will you take the training wheels off my bike?" Hubs, being the nice father that he is, obliged... and he was off to the races! Hubby jogged alongside of him for the first few rounds around the block but soon discovered he could ride without a spotter. I stood on the sidewalk with the youngest two girls and cheered him on. I'm a bit bummed I didn't get a picture of his two little sisters clapping their hands and grinning with delight. I was too absorbed in trying to get a clear shot of him which was nearly impossible since he was moving so fast!

This kid is a hazard on wheels (good thing for helmets) but so far he has managed to stay upright and relatively scratch free.

I shouldn't be surprised. He has always been very stubborned and when he puts his mind to something, it's extremely hard to convince him otherwise. We've had to stand our ground and out-stubborn him on numerous occasions.

This is a prime example of how being stubborned can be a good thing. Once he decided he didn't need his training wheels, he was determined to ride his bike without them. He's a trooper, this one is.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Buddy!!