Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I played kindergartener today

and did some cutting and pasting. I woke up this morning in the mood to make something, yet knowing that I shouldn't because we're hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. I spent the morning de-cluttering (no point in trying to clean until the kids are in bed tonight, especially when I have extra kids here today) and after lunch decided to scratch my itch for a bit. I figured once I did a little bit, I would be good to go for a few days. We'll see if that happens or not...I pulled out a few sets of coasters to work on. The hour or so that I worked was enough to un-muddle my brain. It's amazing how therapeutic it can be!

Last night I was able to fix Mr Peacock so now he actually looks like a peacock and not a dinosaur. I'm still staring at it because something still isn't quite right with him. Maybe I'll just pull out the "artistic license" card and call it good. We'll see.
Back to my "getting ready for Thanksgiving" I go...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hmmm..didn't quite turn out

Lately I have wanted to create something with a peacock on it. So last night I started in on the tail feathers. What a good time! The kids wouldn't let me work so I put it aside and picked it up again this afternoon during naptime.

The head of this poor peacock came out looking like the Loch Ness Monster instead of a peacock! Oh dear! No matter how much I monkeyed with it, I still couldn't get it right. Once again, I set it aside. I had looked online last night to see if I could find a picture of one that would work to follow for the sketch but I couldn't find one that was "just right". This evening as I was cooking dinner, I finally found what I was looking for! Exciting! Hopefully tonight after the kids go to bed I'll be able to follow this picture. (at least for the head so the peacock actually looks like a peacock!) It's always a plus when something actually looks like what you're trying to make!

12 days of giveaways

I found a blog that is doing 12 days of giveaways. Fun stuff like Hot Wheels and Polly Pockets. Who doesn't love free stuff?!?! Head on over and check it out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We had a beautiful

weekend! Saturday we took our kids on a hike to Hanging Lake. It's about 30 minutes from where we live.

It was stunning! Pictures can't do it justice! Since moving down here, we've decided to take our kids out and about as much as we can. I mean as far as outdoors stuff goes. You should see the looks we get! Our sweet "little" procession heading up the hills. Yes, it would be easier to leave the toddlers at home but I think the fresh mountain air gives us all a new "view" (pardon the pun) on life.

This afternoon I'm going to get my house back in order after the busy weekend. That way I can devote tomorrow to able mabel. I have some ideas floating around in my head that I'd like to try. I know I won't have time later in the week. It's looking kind of busy...getting ready for Thanksgiving, hopefully going shopping on Friday (I must be nuts!), friends coming over on Saturday...Whew! Sounds fun but a little tiring!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


can't think of a great title today. Sorry.

We had some friends from MN move here this week! Yeah!!! (Sorry Debbie!) This morning they dropped off two of their boys to play with our oldest son. He does every other day kindergarten and today was his day off. While they headed out to the backyard, I got the house all cleaned up and scrubbed because our friends were coming back for the afternoon. Shouldn't have bothered because the boys kept coming in and out, tracking dust all over the place. I'm not complaining because they stayed busy all day long! It just didn't look like I had done anything by the time our friends got here. Such is life.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I dug out all the Christmas items able mabel has worked on and started photographing them. Good times! I started with Mr Penguin. I love this picture! (I can say that because JB made him!)

I'm going to try get all the Holiday items listed over the next week or so.

No Sudokus for me tonight. I got my desktop organizer in the mail today so as Hubby is studying I'm going to organize! I love it when everything has it's place and it all looks neat and tidy! I'll have to take pictures when it's all done and show you all about it!

I'm still trying to find a sealer for these coasters. I had ordered some resin, not realizing it was toxic (respirator recommended, not good). I returned it as soon as I realized it. I just don't want to hassle with the toxic stuff. I did find a waterproof spray that I'm going to try next. I'm thinking that with an acrylic (if it's non toxic) coat followed by a waterproof spray should work. They won't be dishwasher safe but at least it'll be okay if something spills on them.

Off to do the wonderful supper scene! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I do one more Sudoku

I just might puke! Lately as hubby has been studying I've been pulling out the Sudoku puzzle book for lack of something better to do. He's been in "my" workspace using the computer so if I want to work, I have to drag my stuff out to the kitchen table or down onto the floor. I've just been too lazy to do it most nights. I need a good book to read. Any suggestions?

Today I finally got on the ball and started organizing my work area so I can actually work along side of him as he's studying (one more week of this, hopefully!). I found a home for most of my stuff and brought in a card table so if he's on the computer, I can spread out onto there.

Every morning as I drink my morning cup of coffee, I read a few blogs. Thru one of those blogs, I found this one. Moxie Fab World. I think it's going to have to be added to my daily readings. It was so inspiring! I love the purple and orange color combo! I just may have to try it out!

I've had a bee in my bonnet these last few days to make some new Christmas ornaments for my house. I'm thinking along the lines of glittery snowflakes, birds, bulbs, etc. Since Walmart (and an exceptionally awful one at that) is my only choice of craft stores within an hour of me, I'll have to decide how I want to do it (chipboard, wood, cardstock, etc) and order up the supplies online. I'm hoping I'll get a clearer picture of what I want to do by tomorrow and get the stuff ordered. I still think the Basic Grey Figgy Pudding line is my favorite Christmas line! D Day (due date) is now two weeks away (I figure I have at least three since I always go late) so I better get it done before Baby if I want to do it at all. I read somewhere that the hot color combo for the season is purple, red and gold. Sounds rich and lovely! I think I'm going to have to try it out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nothing of importance

Last night as my husband was studying at the computer, I shut the door to our bedroom and started working on some coasters. In truth, I was trying to escape from my very needy baby. She has hit the "lovely" stage of always wanting Mom but nothing I do for her will stop her screeching. If she doesn't see me, she's just fine. The older girls entertained the other kids (including babes) while I worked in peace. I had to chuckle because whenever anyone opened the door to my room, Baby Doll was right there, ready to come in! I figured it was good babysitting practice for our oldest two girls, although they're still a few years away from babysitting.

This morning I was able to get outside and take some pictures. Or at least until my camera battery ran out. (There's always something!!) During naptime, I started in on some Advent Calenders. I got one done and the other started. Maybe tonight after the kids go to bed I'll finish it up.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I did some experimenting

this afternoon with settings on my camera. The sunlight was fading fast so I only had time to get a few shots in. I feel like I may be getting somewhere with photos and learning which setting to use when. Watch, now I'll try it again and get frustrated because I can't get the same results. Tomorrow (sun willing) I'll go out in the morning and see what I can come up with. I'm still trying to come up with a creative option for photographing headbands. Also I'd like to try something different (and hopefully stunning) with our jewelry. Tomorrow I'll have to devote some time to browsing for ideas in those areas.

Maybe tomorrow should just be an able mabel day. I really, really would like to get some items listed for sale directly from our blog. This, of course, all takes time. It would probably be mostly small items like magnets and light switch covers (you should see our stash of ones that are waiting to be listed!).

Last night, while Hubby was studying (for an Inspector's License he needs for his new job), I went onto Link Referral and did some evaluating of some shops. Link Referral is basically a site where you can review other sites, hopefully driving traffic to your site. I hadn't done it for about two months. Anything it takes to drive shoppers to able mabel! I know we've gotten a few sales from Link Referral so it's worth the five minutes of my times it takes to do it.

Sigh...the peace and quiet of my afternoon has been interrupted by the kids coming home from school and babies waking up from naps...All good things must come to an end!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's amazing what a nap can do for a person!

I woke up this morning feeling cruddier than all get out. I soon found out that if I stayed still and didn't move around it was managable. Good thing I have this stack of projects to work on for the craft sale this weekend. After a nap this afternoon, I feel almost human again! Wonderful!

Yesterday I had a glorious afternoon of total silence and was able to get a lot of "playing" done. You should see my house now. I have stuff scattered everywhere! I just ordered some desktop paper organizers so that should help with the mess. Right now all my paper, rubons, stickers, etc are just sitting in a priority shipping box. What a hassle to have to dig thru!

I think I got all the paper crafts done so tomorrow I can start in on the jewelry. I think there are just a few items I need to do. The kids are off school tomorrow so this should be interesting. Maybe I can lock myself in the office and work...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Honesty, I meant to update on both Monday and Tuesday and forgot both days! I didn't remember until I was just about falling asleep. Oh well.

I've been working this week on some items for our church craft sale which is this Saturday. I have a nice big stack to wade thru. It's been fun! We'll see if any of it turns out...

I'm off for another post office run. The mail boxes in this neighborhood are under lock and key and there is only a tiny slot for outgoing mail. Therefore, if I have to mail something that isn't going Priority (say a light switch cover) I have to run to the post office. I probably could just put it in a drop box but I don't have enough stamps to do that today. I'm not complaining, just saying...

Friday, November 7, 2008

I've having a hard time resisting

the urge to finish these up today. (picture taken against the very drab background of my card table! Very uninspiring!)

I'm taking off for the weekend with some other ladies from the area. Before I go, I have to get my baking done, laundry washed and folded, cleaning know...all the boring stuff. I got the kids down for naps, so now I can fly and maybe I'll have time to dig into these!

Now that I've got the creative juices flowing again, it's hard to stop and do the everyday things around the house. I'd rather just "play"!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Equal Opportunity Photographer

Today I pulled the shrink wrap off my backdrop and set up "shop" out on the back patio. I decided that I wasn't in the mood to do housework and we needed some fresh product on able mabel. I tried to get a little of everything photographed. Well...not any baby items or jewelry...

This sign is the only thing I have listed to far. I have to pace my self...;)
We have a bunch of small magnets (this one is business card size) that I think I'm going to list for sale right from our blog. It doesn't make sense to pay the .20 listing fee to sell something for $1.50 or so. I'm hoping I can get it all figured out next week.

I did up two headbands on Monday night. It's a good "put your feet up" project. I got some fun new fabric scraps.

Speaking of fabric...I've been itching to dig into this piece. Slight problem...I don't have a sewing machine. Solution...Coasters! I went to Lowe's today to get some tile (I remembered to get able mabel stuff but forget about getting the church craft sale stuff. Gasp!). While I was uploading the pictures I took today, I dug into this fabric. I'll show them to you when they're totally done (they're waiting for another coat of sealer). I tried to use the fabric "wisely" since I'd like to use it on other things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some days things just don't happen

how you'd like them to. Or better yet, you don't get as much done as you would have liked.

I think my first problem was a list that was miles long....second was the fact that my energy level is next to none. Definately feeling like a Large Marge! (4 weeks and counting...5 if you add the fact that I always go at least a week late!) I was really hoping to do some able mabel stuff today but unfortunately the house stuff had to come first as we are having company over tonight.

Our oldest son turns 6 today and we're having a little birthday party for him tonight. I managed to screw up his cake so I'm hoping hubby will swing by the store on his way home to bail me out. I got the high altitude part down but forgot that our oven cooks unevenly. Will I ever win? Wild rice soup and biscuits were the supper of choice tonight, picked by the birthday boy. I wasn't sure what I needed to do to the biscuits being there wasn't any eggs in them. I ended up cutting the soda and powder in half and they came out as good as ever. Whew! I think I would have given up on the baking if it hadn't worked. My poor brain almost can't handle this!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Thrilled!

I got a package of Christmas paper in the mail today! They are soooo inspiring! I raided the clearance stash of Christmas paper at Generations Crafting (I'm a tight Finn, what can I say?). Don't worry, I didn't clean them out. I can't wait to dig into them!! First though, I need my paper cutter to come. (I left the one we had in MN for JB.) The closest scrapbooking store is an hour away so online will be my "best friend"!

In other "news" around this place...I'm trying to get used to this high altitude cooking business. Thankfully my husband's niece is here to help bail me out. I'm trying my second attempt at muffins. She told me just to add an extra egg. (sounds like, when in doubt, add an egg) We'll see how that works. The first time I tried them down here, they all looked like innie bellybuttons. They tasted fine, just looked really funny! There is an interesting combo of smells going on in here...lemon poppy seed muffins in the oven, spaghetti and meatballs simmering on the stove...yumm!

I also got my first UPS package today. I do a ton of clothes shopping online. (When you have a husband who wears talls and kids who do slims, the choices of local shops is pretty limited.) When we moved from our last house, the UPS guy acted like he was going to miss delivering to our house. I'm sure we just gave him is daily dose of "head shaking". He never knew what he was going to see going on at our house. Kids half dressed, bikes all over the place, extra kids running around, two year old telling "stories", etc. I almost warned the UPS guy today but figured he'll realize it soon enough! (poor guy!)

There goes the timer! Off to check the muffins! (fingers crossed)