Friday, June 27, 2008

This week I ventured

into the world of Etsy Chat Rooms. I've always perused the forums and decided it was time to branch out. Needless to say, it right up my alley, definitely more fast paced than the forums! As we're shooting the breeze, we can put up little pictures along one side of the screen that shows different listings for other shops. Wow, are there some cool, cool things out there! (I already knew that, but....)

Here is one shop I can across that I absolutely fell in love with!

This picture makes me smile everytime I see it. I started thinking about where in my house I could put it. I'm thinking that I should do a set of framed pictures (3 or 5 or something like that) somewhere. Maybe by my phone on my kitchen desk, above the peninsula? In one of my bathrooms, laundry room? I just don't know! I'm also debating whether do to black and white or color; all the same print or each one different....This is so typical of me to hem and haw and then never do anything. This time I'm determined to do something, somewhere!

I found this in opticalphotography's shop.

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