Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I finally...

broke down and bought a light box! Shocking huh?! I did follow instructions that are all over the web about making your own...It just didn't cut it. I used tissue paper (probably my first mistake) for the outsides. My pictures had a yellow glow and it was too flimsy to carry around. Suprise, suprise...it ripped the first time I used it. I also didn't have the right lights. I need something that will collapse for easy storage and will be semi-destructive. Also all the instructions I found included how to change your photos in Photoshop to get the yellow glow from the lights out of your pictures. Slight problem...El-Cheapo here doesn't have Photoshop yet. I asked this seller what type of lights she uses with it and I'm also hoping I can use it outside on a bright sunny day, since natural light is always best.

Oh...I tried bringing my "hillybilly light box" outside today since it's gorgeous out. It rattled all around because it was so windy out. Grrr...

I figure I spend so much time taking pictures, only to have them not turn out right, that I could fork out a little bit of cash for a decent light box. I think I got a pretty good deal on this one though.

In other able mabel news....JB came over today to model for me. JH had dropped off some stuff last night for me to list. Here's some pictures from today (I lay claim to the little girl in the smock, JH made the smock though, along with everything else pictured.) I'll wait until I get my light box before taking pictures of the rest of the stuff she brought over.

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