Monday, June 2, 2008

For real this time...

I keep talking about it but so far it hasn't happened.

I have two kids napping and two kids playing. I've exercised, gone to my second grader's class ice cream social and now I'm seriously going to go downstairs and organize our work area. (we won't talk about my laundry piles or my weekly household cleaning. Unfortunately, they never go away. They wait very patiently for me to get to them.)

We have not worked on any new paper projects for a while. Last week we did a few bags at JB's house, but my basement is so out of control, it's impossible to work down there. I wouldn't even dare to post a picture of it.

Over the weekend, we received not one, but two custom orders!! (pause to holler at my three year old to get her older sister's clod-hoppers off. She's attempting to ride her bike with shoes that are literally three sizes too big for her. What's this world coming to, anyway?) Super awesome! Tomorrow we'll work on those. But in order to work on them, we need to have space to work. That means clearing off piles of stuff off the table. It'll feel so good to get some organization down there, finally!!

Tomorrow, being that JB will already be over here and depending on the weather, I may have her model some of the bags we finished. I like to have a model for them so it's easier to visualize the true scale of the bag.

I'm off to organize! My sleeves are rolled up (oh wait, I have short sleeves on) and I'm ready to dig in!

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