Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bloom gets a

facelift. Here's the first try (actually that is the second try)...

followed by the third try. Let's hope it what she's looking for. I do like the look of the latest attempt better. I think it's more of what she was picturing. It's fairly close to the original sign we have listed.

She wants it for her sister-in-law to display on her kitchen counter. The reason we first went with the frame is so it can stand on it's own. I did suggest to her today that she could buy one of those little decorative counter top easels (kind of like a cookbook holder) and set it on there since these wood ones aren't "self-standing".

able mabel started a new exciting adventure last night. I'll blog about it more later when I have pictures to share! Can you stand the suspense?

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